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So I rebooted my computer and noticed that all of my transparency was missing!  I guess that’s better than having the computer not boot back up, but it was still enough to make me crazy.  Yes, I know it doesn’t affect the performance of the computer, but to me it is still something that isn’t working right and I just can’t have that.

I guess this is called “Aero”.  Aero is what provides the transparency features that I like because I display a clock in the upper right of my screen and now it’s a giant clock in an ugly black box.  I noticed that my windows lost transparency as well.

So I researched for quite a bit and came up with a few suggestions.  The first one was going to the personalization settings and re-enabling it.  Nope.  No option.  Then someone recommended that I am sure that I’ve selected an Aero theme.  Makes sense.  But, I already had one enabled.  Just to play it safe I picked another one.  Nope.  I did notice a troubleshooter, but we all know that running a Windows troubleshooter usually gives little to no help.  However, in this case it told me that I had some mirror driver running which apparently conflicts with Aero and the ability to have transparency.

So, back to searching online.  Someone mentioned that they use a product for logging into their computer remotely.  Interesting.  I happen to use LogMeIn.

I now went to my device drivers and noticed a LogMeIn Mirror Driver listed in there!

I disabled the driver (I didn’t want to remove it as I didn’t know if that would impact my ability to log into my machine) and rebooted the computer.

Transparency was back!  Now, would I be able to log into my machine…yes!

So if you are using LogMeIn and are experiencing transparency issues on Windows 7, simply disable the mirror driver to allow Aero to do its thing.