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Email Filtering and Protection

A scalable, reliable, and affordable hosted antivirus and spam email protection service.

Looking for a scalable, reliable and affordable hosted antivirus and spam email protection service?

Compatible with any email infrastructure, our highly effective cloud-based filtering blocks spam and email-borne threats before they reach your inbox. With a comprehensive range of features, our email filtering service enables administrators to fine-tune the filtering on a per person, per domain, or per organization basis, or simply “set it and forget it.”

Industry-leading virus protection

Our service provides a unique combination of technologies to defend against email-borne threats. Including zero-hour antivirus defense, virtualization-based malware detection technology, and traditional signature-based antivirus engines – together resulting in unmatched malware defense.

Intuitive, web-based control panel

The customizable web-based control panel allows administrators or end-users to manage the service with a minimum of effort, while also providing users with access to queued messages in the event of a mail server failure.

Email Continuity

Never lose emails. Get continuous access to email in the event of a network outage or an on-premise mail server outage. Automatically queue your company’s or your personal mail during an outage and make those messages available in the control panel while your mail server is offline.

Inbound/outbound spam filtering

Robust, highly accurate and adaptive spam detection improves productivity by blocking junk email, including emerging new spam variants.  The service may also prevent inappropriate messages from being sent from a customer’s network — protecting the company’s reputation, improving overall email deliverability, and alerting administrators as to the presence of any compromised systems.

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