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Content Writing

Don’t know what to say? Let us focus your message with high quality content, helping you create your online voice.

Quality website copy could be the difference between a window-shopper and a buyer.

content-writing-chicagoIt engages the potential customer quickly by giving them easy and fast access to the information they need. When it’s quality copy, you can feel the difference and so can the reader. Visitors to your website do not get to feel your handshake or see the confidence in your eyes; the words and copy on your website need to be seen, understood, and remembered.

Writing for the web is a unique skill, unlike writing an ad, press release, or brochure. The Internet has become such an interactive medium, the words a visitor to your website reads need to make a connection.

Website Copy

We create and implement conversational, keyword-rich copy that persuades with power and conviction, based on a specific topic or client service. For every copy project, we research the topic, check your competitors, and provide keyword rich, relevant content that informs and delivers a powerful message into the hearts and minds of your customers.

Geo-Targeted Landing Pages

The ideal geo-targeted landing page is not only focused on one idea, concept, product or service; it is also positioned for one location-specific term, like the name of a city, county, state or region. This is especially important if your customer, client, or patient base is geographically limited to a certain radius around your location, known as your trade zone. This is because more and more web searchers are using geo-targeted modifiers (like the name of a city) to search for a local business that might provide what they want.

Article/Blog Writing

One of the best ways to establish yourself as an expert in the minds of your prospects and customers is to write and publish articles/blog posts in your area of expertise. Having fresh, relevant, up to date content also helps improve your website ranking. We’ll help you put together an article or series of articles that utilize your keywords to connect you with your target audience and explain your product, service, or topic thoroughly.

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