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Connected Workspace

Connected Workspace

The way we work will never be the same. Modern business dynamics have been forever changed by remote work and the benefits of flexible collaboration tools, like DaaS (Desktop as a Service), which provides cloud-optimized storage, applications, and desktop services from anywhere. Cloud-based workspaces that allow for more agile engagement help increase productivity and deliver more value to businesses of all sizes with reliable, secure connectivity to every mission-critical workflow.

What is Connected Workspace?

Connected Workspace consists of key communications technologies such as Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), voice, collaboration, and custom integrations to provide seamless access to desktops, applications, and workflows from anywhere on any device. As the world becomes even more mobile, ensuring reliable and secure connectivity to mission-critical tools is a necessity.

No matter what industry you are in, the cloud-based Connected Workspace can helpfully connect all aspects of your company from physical locations, remote workers, assets, and business processes all in one easy-to-use platform. Connected Workspace keeps your employees at the center of your operations and takes into consideration all the unique requirements and tools needed for the success of your operation.

Connected Workspace Features and Benefits

Key features and benefits of Connected Workspace include:

  • Seamless desktops, applications, and workflows
  • Built-in security and super end-user experience
  • Fully cloud-based, device-agnostic functionality
  • Rapid scalability and customization options
  • Integrated voice communications
  • Integrated business collaboration
  • Packaged Applications
  • Vertical application integrations
  • ‘Low Touch’ design to eliminate complexity
  • Reduced hardware, IT, and overhead expenses
  • Automated provisioning
  • Comprehensive support from our team
  • Suited for all business sizes including single-location Mom & Pop shops to multi-location global enterprises
  • No seat minimums; we customize your workspace to your specifications

Connected Workspace combines best-of-breed technologies to deliver a comprehensive desktop solution for on-premises and remote workers with a ‘low touch’ approach that allows employees to securely engage internally and with their customers. This helps small Mom & Pop shops to Global Enterprises and everything in between keep pace with today’s challenges, accelerate business workflows, and achieve mission-critical goals.