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Cyber-Construction has Partnered with Coro to bring you cybersecurity like you've never seen

All-in-one Cyber Protection

This platform is a single cybersecurity solution that protects your cloud apps, data, endpoints, email, and more. By using one product to secure your whole company, you ensure that your cybersecurity provider has a holistic understanding of everything that goes on in your company.

Coro set out to find and fix the many security holes that today’s distributed businesses face, without your IT teams having to worry, investigate, or fix themselves.

Cyber-Construction has partnered with Coro to bring our clients cybersecurity like you’ve never seen before.

Coro is the perfect solution for small to mid-sized companies. Powered by AI, our platform can help relieve the pressure that SMBs feel when it comes to cybersecurity.

Every company must protect its users, endpoints, cloud applications, and data.

Coro takes the complexity out of cybersecurity, enabling your administrators to manage your company’s security without disrupting company operations, user productivity, or consuming valuable IT time. Most critical issues can be solved with a click.

Cybersecurity risk is growing
Security Compliance every business in every industry deserves to be secure and compliant

Every business in every industry deserves to be secure and compliant

We deliver holistic, non-disruptive, and affordable cybersecurity to midmarket companies that have been neglected by enterprise cybersecurity solutions. Until now.

Simple and Affordable Cybersecurity

Coro takes the complexity out of cybersecurity by alerting you to potential problems and telling you what to do next. Our 1-click resolve™ make mitigation a breeze.

We minimize costs and IT team overhead by maximizing intelligent automation with cutting-edge technology.

Powerful cybersecurity powered by automation and AI

Coro’s breakthrough platform is fueled by artificial intelligence. It automatically identifies and remediates most known cyber threats and vulnerabilities across email, endpoints, users, cloud apps, and data. Coro offloads 90% of your cybersecurity workload, freeing you to work on other business.