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Business Voice For MS Teams

Sangoma Business Voice For Microsoft Teams

Leading Voice and Collaboration Solutions

Extending the capabilities of your communications system should be straightforward, requiring minimal effort. To help our customers get the most out of their enterprise communications and collaboration solutions, we have created ConEmpower your business with communications and collaboration powered by Sangoma Business Voice for Microsoft Teams. Optimize productivity with seamless calling from within the Microsoft Teams application using Sangoma’s cloud-based, direct routing integration with the Microsoft Teams platform.

When you leverage Sangoma’s powerful business voice solution through your existing Microsoft Teams infrastructure, you can capitalize on your investment and increase productivity across the entire organization. Our mission is to provide you with the tools to help you achieve your goals and optimize your workflows. Sangoma Business Voice for Microsoft Teams is just one more way we support you.


Powerful Collaboration Tools

Leverage Cloud-native Voice Via Microsoft Teams

Sangoma Business Voice for Microsoft Teams delivers enterprise-grade calling and powerful collaboration tools. Features and benefits include:

  • Make and receive calls using Microsoft Teams Softphone Via Mobile and Desktop Clients
  • Call Extensions and PSTN Numbers Using Teams Dialpad
  • Receive Calls From PSTN
  • Use all call handling features available in the Star2Star platform
  • Click To Dial From Microsoft Apps For Team Users
  • Supports Speed Dials, Contacts and Call History
  • Available on Business Voice and Business Voice+
  • Included with Sangoma’s Professional Bundle for Microsoft Teams



Key Features and Benefits

Diversify Your Digital Infrastructure

Connect with colleagues and customers using business voice integrated with Microsoft Teams. Sangoma Business Voice for Microsoft Teams empowers you with more streamlined capabilities and reduced TCO using your existing investment.

Streamline Your Operations

Access your mission-critical communications, files, and data from anywhere using any device. Your existing phone numbers and call routing will perform as designed with a seamless cloud-based direct routing integration between your business phone system and Microsoft Teams.

Easy Implementation

Getting started with Sangoma Business Voice for Microsoft Teams is simple! This integration comes included with Sangoma’s Professional Bundle for Microsoft Teams and can be leveraged on any PC, Mac, or mobile device.

Note: Requires Microsoft or Office 365 licenses, plus the Phone Service Add-on where applicable