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Time to Upgrade your Cybersecurity Game
With Simple, Affordable Cybersecurity

Cyber-Construction has partnered with Coro to bring you Cybersecurity like you’ve never seen before.

Our platform is a single cybersecurity solution that protects your cloud apps, data, endpoints, emails, and more. By using one product to secure your whole company, you ensure that your cybersecurity provider has a holistic understanding of everything that goes on in your company. We have a 360° view of the cyber threat space in your company.

Why Cyber-Construction Trusts Coro to protect your users, endpoints, data, and cloud applications.

Powering security for growing companies since, 2014, Coro is now the world’s fastest-growing cybersecurity company. Based in New York City, with offices around the globe, Coro’s mission is to deliver holistic, non-distruptive, and affordable cybersecurity to midmarket companies that have been neglected by enterprise cybersecurity solutions. Until now.

When you use Coro, you’re eliminating your blind spots.

Best of all, you can do it without paying an arm and a leg. You get holistic protection that goes beyond one specialty to protect all your major domains: email, data, cloud apps, endpoints — even the threats that come from user behavior.

For SMBs, AI-based cybersecurity is a dream come true. Not only does it do most of the work for you, it’s also a massive leg up in the strength of your cybersecurity.

Security Compliance every business in every industry deserves to be secure and compliant

Cybersecurity for SMBs and Mid-Size Companies

AI can help relieve the pressure that SMBs feel when it comes to cybersecurity; it’s a way to do more with less. AI-powered tools can be especially useful for companies who have lean security teams (or none at all), alleviating the burden involved with manual processes, freeing up time to focus on more strategic work, and making cybersecurity processes more effective and efficient.

Powerful cybersecurity powered by AI and automation

Coro’s breakthrough platform is fueled by artificial intelligence. It automatically identifies and remediates most known cyber threats and vulnerabilities across your email, endpoints, users, cloud apps, and data. Coro offloads 90% of your cybersecurity workload, freeing you to work on other business.

Why Managed Security Systems use Our Platform

Coro set out to find and fix the many security holds that today’s distributed business face, without your IT teams having to worry, investigate, or fix themselves.


Coro automates the remediation and puts an end to the endless false alerts, 2 am panic calls, or wasted hours tracing compromised files, infected systems, or endpoint devices. For those issues that still require human intervention, we set out to make it so easy — most critical issues on the Coro platform can be solved with a click.

How the Coro Platform works

Coro turns information into meaningful actions. The platform brings all the information and will guide you to the correct meaningful action to mitigate any potential threats.

No more digesting through logs and events of multiple tools and apps. No more searching for malware on devices in one tool, and on cloud apps in another tool.

No need to purchase multiple systems and integrate them into a single pane of glass.

Coro does it all. Contact us for a Demo and a Free Trial.

Coro will alert you and tell you what to do next.

No need to check everything ten times a day. Coro will take care of the ongoing security, and will alert you only when you need to take action.

Coro analyses the threats to your entire business takes action to eliminate the risk and guides you on what to do next to improve your security posture.

Coro’s 1-click resolve™ makes mitigation a breeze

Coro’s 1-click resolve™ eliminates the need to switch between different systems and different applications.

1-click resolve™ goes even further to simplify operations. If you identify a malicious file in your email attachment you do not need to switch to another system to eliminate if from devices. Our 1-click resolve™ will do it for you.

1-click resolve™ makes mitigation of security as easy as it gets.

Email Security

  • Automated detection, response, and mitigation
  • Coro’s vigilant AI technology monitors your email to keep an eye out for unusual behavior.
  • If we see a suspicious email or an email coming from a flagged IP address, we isolate the threat immediately.
  • This gives you the opportunity to detect the threats facing your company and remediate them as necessary.

DLP Security

DLP and regulatory compliance cost extra with most email security providers. With Coro, it’s part of our relationship. We scan every file and email, or any data share for PII/PCI/PHI, and prevent confidential information leakage. This includes helping companies stay compliant with GLBA regulations.

Cloud App Security

Protect your apps and all they’re connected to

  • Connect cloud apps for continuous protection.
  • Implement collaboration rules that assign specific actions.
  • Get automatic identification of regulatory violations for HIPPA and GDPR. We also help meet GLBA, CCPA, SOC 2, and XOX compliance.

Endpoint Security

  • Allow only authorized appliances to access your systems
  • Manage and monitor devices in real-time around the clock
  • Prevent malware, ransomware, and phishing from being uploaded from devices into your environment.
  • Configure automatic remediation for detected threats (malicious software, files, processes, etc.)
  • Endpoint Detection & Response (Anti-Malware) for Windows
  • Guardrail enforcement for MacOS
  • Guardrail enforcement for Windows devices and servers

Manage your data security and all your major domains.

Everybody talks about DLP, but data leakage is just a part of the problem. Full data protection must cover the identity of the user and devices accessing the platform, device security postures, and networks being used, both in-house and in the wild.

Cybersecurity that is both Simple and Affordable


Coro takes the complexity out of cybersecurity, enabling your administrators to manage your company’s security without disrupting company operations, user productivity, or consuming valuable IT time.


Coro minimizes costs and IT team overhead and disruption to your company’s operations my maximizing intelligent automation with cutting-edge technology.

Our approach isn’t about profit through complexity — the way the industry has approached security for decades — it’s about intelligent automation to free IT teams to focus on enabling their businesses. That’s why Coro is constantly investing in technology to stay ahead of attackers and to protect your company from human factors such as mistakes and inside threats.

Contact us at Cyber-Construction today to get a Demo and a Free Trial and see how simply and affordably you can up your Cybersecurity today.

Cybersecurity risk is growing

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