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Remote Cloud Backup

From computers to servers, remote cloud backup services help keep your data safe.

As digital data rapidly grows, your home and business files deserve to be protected.

Digital data is rapidly growing at a rate of 80% every year, and businesses like yours are responsible for maintaining 85% of that information. Whether you’re backing up a home, small business, or large company – let’s be honest, data loss happens. Hard drive crashes, spilled drinks, and accidental file deletion can occur at any time. Your company’s future or your personal photos, music, and more are in jeopardy without a remote backup solution.

Remote Cloud Backup

Unlimited cloud storage

Compare and find the plan that fits your needs the best. Usually less than the cost of a latte a month ($5) helps keep a lifetime of photos, music, and irreplaceable files safe and secure.

Simple and automatic

A simple set-it-and-forget-it system. Your files are automatically, continuously backed up. No remembering, no scheduling. Just live life, we’ve got your back.

Safe and sound

Files are encrypted using 128-bit Blowfish encryption. Then they are sent using a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to professionally managed data centers, guarded 24 hours a day, everyday.

Access: anytime, anywhere

You forgot a file on your home computer, or want to show friends a photo on the train. No problem. Our partner Carbonite’s mobile apps allow you to view, share and download your files from your mobile devices.

Personal Remote Cloud Backup Packages



Get Started



Get Started

Prices listed are starting level packages. Home Plans are not designed to back up Windows Server OS.