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OK, I have had a few clients come to me shortly after paying some online or TV advertised service to clean their machine.  So I started doing some digging on what these services really do. My own experience is that I have had to do our standard clean up just days after these “tools” have been run.

Others have broken down the “offers” in detail.

The truth is that there are simple things we can show you to do to keep your machines clean.  Most often, businesses have us do quarterly or semi-annual clean up of all their machines and this is done quickly as a part of regular maintenance.  But there are other options that can take a 3 year old machine and make it much faster.  A quick assessment of what is really slowing down your machine, a look at the cost of upgrades, and a true assessment of your needs will do much better than a quick fix from a TV ad that just wants your credit card information.