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IT Outsourcing and Staffing

Stay focused on the business at hand while we focus on your computer and technology needs.

If you find yourself needing more technology support, we can provide a solution that can be better than hiring an employee.

Cyber-Construction can help to place a support technician that will work with you &/or your staff for a specified number of hours per week or per month. When you hire an employee, you are also paying certain taxes and benefits to that employee… not with us.  This allows you to focus on your business while we focus on your computer and technology needs.  You should find that outsourcing a technician will actually be cheaper than maintaining a full time IT staff.

We know what businesses need.

We can manage telecom companies for Internet connections, wiring contractors for cable runs, vendors for computers, email, wireless, off-site backup, hardware repair, printers, copiers, AV for conference room installations, & even phones and phone systems.