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Contact Center

Contact Center Solutions

We offer advanced contact center solutions for everyday communications to full-scale call center needs.

Contact Center

Contact Center is our exclusive, full-featured call center that delivers advanced call routing, management, and reporting with a simple, web-based platform. Operate Contact Center seamlessly across all of your locations, and administer queues and agents for hundreds of users if needed.


  • Agent login/logout
  • Skill-based ring strategies
  • Flexible queuing configurations
  • Agent barge, monitor, and whisper functionality
  • Real-time displays (optional)
  • In-depth reporting (optional)
  • Optional cloud-based recordings of agents’ inbound calls for quality assurance or archival purposes
  • Implement to any existing Star2Star system without additional hardware

Service Insight

Designed for internal, departmental call center needs, Service Insight provides key insights into customer service data. No matter who your customers are speaking to when they engage with your company, Service Insight will provide your staff with everything they need to know to ensure a seamless, enjoyable experience.