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SEO or search engine optimization has taken the business world by storm, and all for a good cause. According to research from BrightEdge, over 50% of all website traffic comes from organic search. Therefore, if you want your business to remain competitive, it’s important to have an SEO-friendly site. Below we look at the common traits of an SEO-friendly site.

Fast Loading Times

The main goal of having an SEO-friendly website is to create a positive experience. Therefore, when your site is optimized for SEO, it will have fast-loading pages that allow users to navigate efficiently without wasting time. This will help you improve your user interactions, which is good for business. If your site takes too long to load, chances are prospective customers will quickly get frustrated and leave your site in search of greener pastures.

Unique and Useful Content

In order for your site to rank higher, it has to have unique and useful content. For instance, Google doesn’t like duplicate content, and your site can get penalized if you upload unoriginal content. The other thing is to make sure the content offers value to your audience. The key to creating quality content is to understand the user’s search intent to make sure they are satisfied after reading your content and have the answers they were looking for.

Optimized Images

An SEO-friendly website should also have images that are optimized for search engines. Generally, your content will look better if it’s broken up by images. Besides, people prefer images mixed in with content because it makes things more engaging. When uploading images to your site, make sure they are optimized to load quickly, and that image has a meaningful and appropriate image filename plus ALT text.

Unique Titles and Page Descriptions

It’s not only your images that have to be optimized. Each page of your site should be optimized by adding a short description of what the page contains and a unique title that contains the right keywords. While at it, make sure the URL is well-formatted and that each page is formatted such that the content can be quickly scanned.

These are the top things to consider when creating an SEO-friendly website. The benefits of doing so include increased organic traffic, improved brand credibility, and ultimately a boost to your bottom line. Ready to start implementing SEO best practices that translate to more dollars for your business? Get in touch with our SEO experts today.