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What is paid search? It is a marketing technique in which companies pay search engines for advertisements on search engine results pages (SERPs). These advertisements are pay-per-click (PPC), which means that companies only pay when their ads are clicked. This is important when you consider that over 79& of all worldwide desktop search traffic goes to Google.

Why Do you Need Paid Searches?

You need paid searches because you want to feature et the top of the SERP. When you do a search, you receive your search results on that page. You will see that the first results are usually indicated as ‘Ads’. Those are the results of businesses that paid for their businesses to feature there. That is where your business will feature if you pay for that.

With paid searches, you do not have to concern yourself about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is a way of writing an article or similar piece of writing in a manner that makes it much more likely to be picked up by search engines like Google

Why Do I Need SEO?

You need SEO if you do not pay search engines for better traffic. If you do not pay, there is no guarantee your business will be picked up by search engines on page one. Google’s average Page 2 traffic is 11.96%. If you are not seen on page one chances are you will not be seen at all.

You can find an SEO writer all over the internet and in writing sites like The Urban Writers. You will pay per word for the SEO writing you want. The Urban Writers as an example charges $5.49 for every 100 words. There is no standard Google Ads price, but you will pay more for a paid search.

How can SEO Improve Return on Investment?

In the end, you want a return on your investment (ROI). You want to know that if you pay for ROI you will get more money than you paid. SEO can do that by following the Google Search algorithm.

Paid search and SEO will go a long way towards ranking you high on SERPs. If you are in a serious business, make sure you use at least one of them. Paid searches are more expensive, but they are a sure thing.