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Are You a Small Business Owner Looking to Boost Visibility Online? Follow These 3 SEO Hacks First!

It is no secret that search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is crucial for any small business in order to boost its…
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Online Business Resolutions for 2015

Personally speaking, I don't believe in resolutions. What I do believe in is placing a value on something. If I place a value on…
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Facebook Messenger App: Good or Bad?

Oh, God. Here we go again. Facebook is violating our privacy. Before we get all juiced up about Facebook and their latest Messenger…
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Facebook’s Experiment Gone Wrong

In Facebook's defense, let's just start out by saying that by agreeing to Facebook's Data Use Policy, which you must do to access the…
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Content Writing 101: What to Write and How to Write it

Content writing is probably one of the biggest challenges a business owner faces. I mean, let's face it--what you write on your website…
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Maximizing your Web Presence in 2014

2013 was a crazy year of advancement and change in the digital world propelling SEO and online marketing to new frontiers and affecting…
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