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If you’re looking for step by step instructions, this isn’t the article for you, but read this to find out how to resolve it via AVG support and to find out how awesome this product and this company really is.  No, I have no affiliation with them.  This is simply some praise given to where it’s due.  Also, to all the haters out there who were posting some pretty nasty stuff regarding AVG, it’s my guess that you never tried to contact support.

First, let me start by saying that I use AVG Free and have used it for years on quite a few machines.  I’ve also recommended this to my clients, but mainly because not only is it decent, but it’s hard to beat free.  Now I have another pretty good reason to recommend this software.

Support from AVG on their free product.

Yes, you heard me right.  Free support on a free product.

If you came here looking on how to solve this error I’ll make it very easy for you.  Go to AVG’s website and look for their support.  I opted to chat with a technician who I thought was either going to tell me that he couldn’t help me or that I’d have to pay for support considering I’m using a product I’ve never even paid for.

Let me go back to what happened.  I simply updated AVG on both my work and gaming computers.  My work computer rebooted and all was well.  My gaming computer rebooted and I also thought that everything was going ok.  The next day my gaming computer asked me to reboot to complete the AVG installation.  Hadn’t I already done that?  I thought I did, but I did it anyway.  Same issue the next day.  Ok, probably just a bad installation.  I removed AVG completely and downloaded the latest version.  Right at the end of the installation I saw the 0xC0070643 error pop up.

No worries.  I did some quick searching and found some advice.  All of which didn’t work.  Now this was starting to take up a lot more time than I anticipated and I was also getting a bit frustrated.

There was a link to AVG that came up with the error leading me to AVG’s website.  I started filling out their online form thinking that it would be days before I would receive some canned response, but after hitting “next” I was given the option to chat.

So, I started the chat session.

The tech asked if I would give him permission to take over my computer.  For me, this is great because I get to just sit back and not have to try to follow a lot of tedious steps that I’ve already probably tried before.  He took over my machine and I was incredibly impressed with the steps he was taking to not only back up my registry, but to create a restore point in the event something he did would go wrong.

It took about an hour, which seemed a little long, but the end result was a successful installation of AVG Free.  Yes, still free.  They did not force me to purchase the full version.

I still can’t seem to get over the fact that I received free support to a free product that I’ve been using for years.  I will say this.  Not only will I continue to use AVG as well as recommend it to everyone I come across, I’m actually more likely to buy the full version now knowing that they have some pretty solid support behind them.

So, thank you AVG for your support and I only hope that you continue doing what you’re doing now.