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Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an effective digital marketing strategy that obtains quick results. It’s the reason 65% of small to mid-sized businesses run a PPC campaign as part of their online marketing efforts. As a business owner, your biggest concern is how your company benefits from paid search advertising. Here is how PPC advertising can benefit your business.

1. You’ll Attract Website Traffic Instantly

Generally, the two most common ways to generate traffic to your company’s website are through search engine marketing (SEM) and paid search advertising. Usually, SEM takes time to generate substantial traffic to your company’s website. It’s usually more successful when used as part of a long-term digital marketing strategy.

On the other hand, PPC attracts traffic more quickly as soon as your ad is live. After signing up for an advertising account on a PPC platform such as Google Ads or Bing Ads, you place a bid in an auction to compete with other advertisers using the same keyword. The PPC platform then determines the order in which the ads will be displayed on search engine results pages (SERP). When customers search for your products or services, your ad will be displayed on top of the SERP. Resultantly, prospective customers will click on the ad, and this drives traffic to your website.

2. PPC Helps Convert Leads Into Customers

With PPC advertising, you’re targeting prospective customers who have a need for your services or products. This is unlike traditional advertising where you target a more general market. To run a successful PPC campaign, you need to know your customers well by doing a thorough customer behavior analysis. You should know how customers interact with your business. This will guide you when designing your ad campaign so that you can precisely target your customer base.

Resultantly, you’ll get clicks from people who are searching for your products and services. This increases your chances of converting visiting online users into customers since they already have a need for your company’s services. A PPC company will help you conduct an extensive customer survey so that you can understand your customers better and tailor your PPC ads to target interested customers. This will not only attract more buyers, but it will also reduce wasted spending on advertising.

3. PPC Advertising Gives You More Flexibility and Control Over Your Digital Marketing Strategy

PPC allows you to control when, where, and how your ads will be displayed. You may run different ad formats, including Gmail ads, video ads, display ads, search ads, and shopping ads. You can turn the ads on and off as you choose and also determine how much you pay per click. This flexibility comes in handy, especially during peak seasons when you may want your ads to display during specific times of the day.

4. PPC Results Can Be Measured and Tracked

Top PPC platforms, such as Bing Ads and Google Ads, allow you to measure and track conversions so you can generate relevant data. These platforms will also help you analyze the data so you can measure the progress of your PPC campaign. This will help you establish if your PPC campaign is viable and how you can make it more successful.

5. PPC Complements Search Engine Optimization

Paid search advertising works well with SEO. They both attract traffic to your website, as SEO generates organic traffic while PPC attracts paid traffic. To get optimum results from your digital marketing strategies, you should combine PPC and SEO. This will give you both short-term and long-term results, which ultimately complements your overall digital marketing efforts.

For your business to succeed in our modern market and economy, you must be ahead in digital marketing. For the modern consumer, the search for products and services starts with an internet search. If you can optimize your website to receive most or some of the web traffic from prospective customers, you’ll steadily increase your customer base and grow your business. Running a PPC campaign is one sure-fire way of attracting more traffic to your company’s website.