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Not everyone who runs a business fully understands the importance of SEO. SEO is actually behind 1000%+ more traffic online than organic social media. Standing for search engine optimization, SEO is a way of improving how soon your website comes up in an internet search. In an increasingly online world, SEO companies help businesses stand out online. In many cases, the best SEO services come from local SEO companies. Here are a few reasons why.

They Help Draw Attention to Your Business

There are tons of businesses in the world today, from small mom and pop shops to massive corporations. It can be hard to stand out, and the rise of the internet over the past 30 years can either be a blessing or a curse. For some businesses, it has given them an opportunity to reach more people than they ever could have before, but for others, it has obscured them.

Using local SEO companies, you can help your business stand out in the modern landscape. Most people don’t get off the first page of search results, and this is made worse by the increase in cell phone use. This means that for people to organically find your site on a search, you should be on the top half of the page one results. An experienced, local SEO service can put you there.

They Will Know Other Local Businesses Well

A lot of times, SEO focuses on a location. That’s because when someone is looking for a company, say a mechanic, they tend to search for “mechanics near me” or “mechanics in Chicago.” A local SEO company will be able to use this local knowledge and make you stand out better from potential competitors than someone from outside the region may know. Local SEO companies will likely know you and your customer base better, which in turn means they can provide a more targeted service to you.

Higher Traffic to Your Website Means More Customers

The more people who organically end up on your website, the more customers you will earn. This is especially true for local optimization, which is when locations are being used as keywords to come up in searches people make for a particular type of product or service in a particular city. Oftentimes, people are looking for something near them, like a place to host a child’s birthday party. The issue is that consumers don’t know where they want to go locally. If your business is one of the first ones that pops up for them, they’re more likely to go with your company.

SEO also acts as a marketing tool. Essentially, search engine marketing captures people by trying to educate them. For instance, when someone searches for the best flowers to plant in the spring, a company’s SEO blog may come up with answers. Blogs don’t sell products, but they provide information on an industry or service. However, the trick is that a searcher is not on a company website, and even though they weren’t sold any one product here, they may now want to buy what was discussed in the blog. Luckily, they’re already on a website that either sells the product there, lets them make an appointment for a service, or directs them to the product or service elsewhere.

Whether your business is on board or not, the reality is that SEO is here to stay, and local SEO companies are among the best options for most small businesses to stand out from the crowd when they are looking to expand their customer base. By simply helping a business come up sooner in organic searches, local SEO services keep you ahead of your competition and are more likely to help you see an increase in traffic to your website.