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Service Insight

Service Insight: Your Customer Service Solution

Prioritizing Customer Analytics and Engagement

Service Insight is our cloud-based customer service solution designed to elevate the customer engagement experience by providing in-depth customer analytics to every department. It provides the infrastructure for all employees in your organization to help optimize customer experience and engagement with your brand, allowing you to base business decisions on customer analytics.




  • Cloud-based Deployment
  • Web-based Agent Desktop
  • Full-featured Auto Attendant and Unlimited Queues
  • Supports Remote Customer Service Professionals
  • Supervisor Heads Up Display
  • Supervisor Agent Monitoring
  • Queue Monitoring and Dashboards
  • Post-call Review
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Historical Data and Trend Analysis Call Center
  • Queue Creation Wizard Tool


Star2Star’s Service Insight is the customer service solution that will elevate your customer engagement and brand experience. Learn more about Service Insight today!