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We’re all over the news. Content from your website geared for news stories and pitched to our publishing partners.


Your business, connected to an online news piece on a reputable, local community news site is exactly where you want to be in today’s SEO environment.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) involves ongoing updates to your website and persistent content marketing. Content marketing is a critical part of SEO because it builds your online brand, has the potential to earn links and boosts your website’s authority.

With traditional SEO, you expect content to be written about topics related to your business. The SEO News Plan process requires a new way of thinking—we create content that’s in demand by our publishing partners.

Every month, as part of your SEO News Plans process, we write content for your website that includes important facts and information geared for news stories that will be requested by, or pitched to, our publishing partners.

SEO News Packages


SEO News Starter


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Online news sites want quality, unique content that’s pertinent to current events and headlines including local news stories.

Problem is, they may not always have reliable reporters to cover and write the stories for them. Many are having issues finding new and interesting ways of getting good, unique content on their website. That’s where we (and you) come in.

We’ve spent countless hours building unique partnerships with third party, independent websites, most of them local community news sites. We have proven our worth to our publishing partners and now, many of them routinely come to us for content.

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