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The woes of online calendar sharing

All my wife and I wanted to do was share a calendar.  Seems simple doesn’t it?  Well, let me say that there are so many variables that this post is specific only to mine and isn’t meant to really provide direction, but rather than…
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A New Spin on Local Search

Recently, Google introduced Carousel for local search results. Now, when you search for a local business like a hotel or restaurant, the results appear in an interactive carousel at the top of the page. Click on one of the results in the carousel and…
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Hottest Web Design Trends in 2013

All throughout 2013 there has been an enormous surge in new web design trends. In this article I would like to delve into 5 design trends for the 2013 year. The design influence is merely a reflection of our culture and expectations for users. Ideally these trends represent favorable ideas…
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What is World Backup Day?

So I saw a note from another tech guy on World Backup Day (March 31st) and started wondering what it was and why we have it. Now, as an IT guy I see the point of it but let’s do some digging here. World…
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